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Go Solar in Old Dominion with JK and protect yourself from blackouts while lowering your current bill and increasing the value of your home!


State in total Solar in the us


Residents HIT BY Blackouts



As low as0% 

Financing options

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Protect your home from blackouts with the market's best battery



There are many options for homeowners when converting to solar energy.  At, JK we sit down with each homeowner and put together a personalized solar plan that best fits them.

In the State of Virginia, we educate homeowners on how they can own their solar array and take advantage of the 30% Federal tax credit (drops to 26% in 2033, 22% in 2034, and ends in 2035) and the Virginia SREC incentive - which pays the homeowner (at market value) for how much clean energy their system produces. At JK, not only will we assist you in qualifying for federal credit and state rebates, but we will show you how you can own your own panels at $0 down - paying less a month than your current utility bill and immune to ever-inflating energy costs.

We also offer a lease option to customers that may not be eligible for the tax benefits which owning the panels provide.  JK Renewables is happy to assist each homeowner in finding what option is best for them.

Find out if you qualify for Virginia state incentives at $0 down!

Pros of Solar in Virginia:


  • Federal Tax Credit (30%; drops to 26% in 2033, 22% in 2034, and ends in 2035)

  • State Incentive- Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC)

  • Increased Home Value ($13,474 increase in averaged-valued VA home)

  • Control- fixed monthly bill

  • Save and protect the environment

  • Be immune to rising electricity costs

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Not sure how long you will remain in your home?

Whether you are selling your home or staying for the long haul, installing solar will greatly increase the value and marketability of your property. (Source).

Start saving now with your own customizable home solar system


Calculate your savings based on your energy needs


Design a custom system that fits you and your Virginia home


Single-day installation

$100 of every install will be donated to the United Breast Cancer Foundation and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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