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Federal Tax Credit Schedule
from 2022-2034
ITC adders available for both commercial solar and storage
  • 10% for domestic content usage
  • 10% for siting in “energy communities”

  • Up to 10% for projects smaller than 5 MW AC located in low-income communities or tribal lands

  • Up to 20% for projects smaller than 5 MW AC that qualify as low-income residential building or economic benefit systems

The 30% federal solar tax credit is available for commercial solar systems installed by December 31, 2032. As of 2033, the residential tax credit will step down to 26%, in 2034 it will step down again to 22%. By 2035, the tax credit for commercial solar ends.

Installing solar is an investment for today, next year and the long term. ​If you’re considering buying a home solar system, act now and pay less today!

As for state incentives and rebates, there is no fixed credit. To learn more about your state's solar rebates and incentives currently offered click here.

Solar Panel Roof

Benefits of Commercial Solar


  • JK Renewables provides your business with a complete no cost evaluation of your solar project, including site design and cost/benefit analysis.

  • Going Solar with JK Renewables is easy and turnkey, as part of your project we provide complete site design, permitting, installation, parts, labor and activation, all with 25 year complete warranty coverage.

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30% and accelerated depreciation schedules.

  • Decrease in expenses

  • In most cases commercial solar can dramatically lower the need to purchase or even replace your need to purchase electricity from your local utility company.

  • Return oN Investment is higher due to the tax credit and net metering,

  • Going solar is better for the environment, helping with community relations between the business and consumers.

  • Property value increases

  • We provide complete financing options including ZERO down. 

  • Little to no maintenance

Start saving now with your own customizable Commercial solar system


Calculate your savings based on your energy needs


Design a custom system that fits you and your business


Seamless Installations 

$100 of every install will be donated to the United Breast Cancer Foundation and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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